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Easter Happy List

I’ve spent the past week being unbelievably grumpy because the easter holidays left us unexpectedly smashed at work. Like, 4 staff attempting to serve 300+ people for 10 hours straight and no time for breaks smashed. It was brutal. On top of that, I was bitterly remembering my month long stint in Costa Rica. Queue tears and TBT instagrams.

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Travel Scrapbook: Barcelona

Oooooh so I’m back with another instalment of my travel scrapbook. I feel like I’ve improved a lot this time and it’s actually starting to look like how I want it to! Although one of the challenges is finding actual words and remembering what happened on said trip weeks after it happened, so next time I’m gonna keep a diary ON THE GO. (How exciting)

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Not London: but Salisbury

So whilst I’m chilling at home for a little while, I thought I’d low key give a shout out to this little town in the west country of England. A lot of people hate their home towns and although that was the case for me before I moved away for a few years, I’ve come back now and fallen a little bit in love with it.

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