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How to Protect the Environment Whilst Travelling

We’ve all heard how the environment is in danger, maybe you’ve even watched Before The Flood (definitely recommend I watched it on the plane to Costa Rica and cried but mainly from sleep deprivation). But how much impact do we really have?

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A Guide to Getting Around in Costa Rica

I’ve been putting off writing about Costa Rica because a) I’m still sad that I’m back and b) I don’t even know where to begin. But if there’s one thing I want to put out into the world wide web that would have helped me when planning my trip, is a little information on how […]

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Travel Scrapbook: Amsterdam to Iceland

So this year of our lord 2016 I decided to start making a scrapbook of all my travels. I keep admiring all of these gorgeous travel diaries on Pinterest but being too scared to start one. It never quite turns out as aesthetically pleasing, but I thought you know, yolo.

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The Travel Playlist

I should probably mention at some point that I have an almost degree in Songwriting. And in the spirit of not putting the thousands of pounds I spent on it to waste, I’m going to do a collection of playlists themed around travel!

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We’re sat on the roof top of our hostel, drinking strawberry wine and eating bread. The sun is setting and we’re kind of hoping we don’t get kicked out when it gets to 10pm. Chairs are lined in a circle and filled with people from different corners of the globe, and we’re all listening to […]

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