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Tapas Experience in Barcelona

Photo 26-06-2016, 14 51 20

Disclaimer: I don’t work for nor was I paid by Sandemans New Europe for this post, I just think they are THAT great.

Spain, the home of tapas! Naturally I convinced everyone I was with that we had to try it at least once, and after our amazing walking tour (thanks to ERIK, what a babe), we decided to go with Sandeman’s Tapas Experience at the end of our trip. Here’s how it went down, and why you should do it too.

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Reykjavik Photo Diary

Photo 27-05-2016, 16 51 12

Hey guys! I’m just exhausting all my photos from Reykjavik/Iceland whilst I’m doing my essays because I’ve literally run out of words and I don’t have the time to go anywhere interesting in the UK to tell you about! (I don’t even have time to leave the house. send help/pizza)

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Playlist: Tropical Beach Party

Photo 02-05-2016, 20 58 10

Picture the scene: It’s July. The sun is setting all different shades of pink over the horizon as you walk across a warm, sandy beach. The palm trees slowly wave as the warm breeze wraps around you, and the sea rushes in and out, kissing your feet. You’re almost completely alone, until you see a bonfire at the end of the bay, and the distant sound of laughter and music. You go investigate. As you approach, a beautiful tanned stranger hands you a drink in a coconut and leads you to where everyone is dancing. CUE THE BEST NIGHT EVER ROLL CREDITS.

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