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15 Memories of Amsterdam

Amsterdam December 2015 was my first ever kind-of solo trip, but it didn’t really feel like it. I’m in my own company a lot of the time and it just felt so normal!

I found that especially during solo travel but during any trip, you’re a lot more open to things, which means you always find that you pick up little unique moments and memories that you didn’t expect would happen at all. I think, queue cheese sorry not sorry, that’s what makes travel so magical. You can look at all the pictures in the world, but until you go there yourself, you never know what it’s really about!

Also, something you may or may not know about me is that I’m very easily excited by the littlest things. Foreign money? SO exciting. Finding brands you use everyday with different language packaging? AMAZING. Finding out that everything is cheaper in euros? Life changing.

Anyways, you’ll find a lot of that here in my 15 fondest memories of Amsterdam…

  • Hungover scrambled eggs at Cafe George. I don’t actually know where this is because we found it when we were just randomly walking around in the hope of finding a cafe and it came to us like a beacon of light and weed-free coffee in a desert of coffeeshops
Scrambled eggs at Cafe George, Amsterdam

These were the best scrambled eggs i’ve ever eaten in my whole life sorry dad

  • Finding the Dutch version of Waitrose. I can’t remember what it was called but I was very excited by the organic ham. (Amsterham)
  • Finding Marks and Spencer. After arriving at the airport thinking it looked exactly like Heathrow and the all the signs were in English, I was wondering if I’d even left the UK. This didn’t help.

Photo 31-12-2015, 10 04 36

  • He Hua Buddhist Temple in Chinatown. You can donate some money for some advice. I got this and opened it as I was watching Mean Girls.

Hu Hau Buddhist Temple, Amsterdam

  • Dutch soya milk cartons. It’s the little things

Photo 29-12-2015, 12 23 55

  • The fact you can stay in a Christian hostel that’s on the same street as sex workers which I completely forgot was a thing until I decided to walk to H&M on Dam Square on my first evening and got a massive shock.
  • Making Amsterdam puns (Amstertram. Amstergram. Amsterham. Amsterfam.)


  • Making unfunny jokes to yourself walking round the Rijksmuseum
  • Finding exhibitions about the only other 2 places you’ve been (The other one was New York incase you were wondering)


  • Sneaking cheap prosecco into the hostel and drinking it in the dorm like a classy bird
  • The fresh stroopwafels on Museumplein (and accidentally missing your train to Brussels to get one more on your last day)
  • Heineken for €0.73 a can

Photo 31-12-2015, 08 12 53

  • “You won’t enjoy the ships” said the museum steward, in an attempt to be funny. “There are some pretty dresses in the section after, though”. “Well, I’m British and we rule the waves.” I replied (it’s in the song… that’s how you know it’s true…)
  • Negenstraatjes and all their little vintage shops
  • Buying Glamour in German just because it has Taylor Swift on it and trying to use google translate to read it.


Have any of you got any fond memories from your adventures? Sometimes the littlest things are the best!

Don't you find when you're travelling, you always experience so many unique moments that you never imagined would happen! Click through to see some of my favourite memories from my travel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands!

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