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A British first impression of America

I went to New York. If anyone follows me on instagram, they’ll probably know this, thanks to the insane amount of pictures posted with Taylor Swift lyrics underneath them. However, I felt a bit weird about the whole ordeal. My first few days were fucking awesome, and whilst we were walking around underneath the huge buildings in midtown and getting lost looking for the Rockerfeller Centre, I really understood the meaning of concrete jungle. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to come across as really spoilt/ungrateful or something, but I think I may have suffered from my first instance of the dreaded culture shock.

I think the reason for this was because New York took me by surprise. When I went to Italy, I expected it to be different. I was ready for the forward men and the inconvenient lack of supermarkets. But when you’ve grown up watching a city from afar on the big screen, you put up a few too many ideals about it.

I mean can you blame me? As a young 20 year old at the time, I was kind of expecting to be swept off my feet into the world of Sex and the City… I mean, when Taylor Swift says something has been waiting for you, it’s gotta be fucking great. Right?

Anyway so here is a quick bulletpoint list of why New York made me feel like I was in a weird parallel universe. There are some things Carrie Bradshaw can’t prepare you for…

  • weird chocolate
  • weird toilet seats
  • “following guest please”
  • tax is not included in the price
  • extensive starbucks menu
  • no chip and pin or signing anything when paying
  • extensive range of pringles
  • extensive range of chocolate
  • guns are legal
  • flags everywhere
  • Donald Trump exists on the same land mass as you
  • randomly running into Mark Ruffalo in Starbucks
  • people have american accents outside of movies (why am i so sheltered)
  • coke being in bigger bottles
  • Racoons existing outside of zoos
  • slightly weird birds
  • where even are the stars
  • water being automatically brought to your table
  • it’s REAL (IT EXISTS)

I feel like i’m in Drive despite the fact it was set in LA

Anyway, now that the trip is a few months behind me and I’ve got another 2 countries under my belt, I feel a bit better about it. New York is BEAUTIFUL, and I am 100% ready to go back. Hell, take me on a road trip around America. I’ve done the immediate culture shock, and whilst I’m still reeling about the fact New York exists outside of my TV screen and that I was actually there in such a marv city, I’m going to leave you with a list of things I LOVE about New York (Gotta end on a positive note homies).

  • Taylor Swift exists on the same land mass as you and you can walk by her house (I definitely did not do this)
  • Central Park in the sunshine.
  • the MoMa (seriously ask Becky how I was running around like a headless chicken in excitement)
  • The skyline as you land.
  • Elizabeth St and surrounding shops
  • The Top of the Rock…. seriously do this on your first morning. It’s u n r e a l
  • The guy playing sax on the Empire State at night making you feel like you should be wearing an 1920s evening gown.
  • The Empire State at night (post to follow cos wow)
  • Randomly running in to Mark Ruffalo in Starbucks
  • how each district has it’s own vibe
  • Brooklyn pebble beach
  • Walking through streets of brownstones and trying not to have a breakdown about the fact you don’t live in one
  • Being able to watch chat shows live (Love you Seth Meyers)
  • The LIGHTS
  • Times Sq when it’s not busy
  • Racoons existing outside of zoos
  • the extensive smells in Bath & Bodyworks

Anyone know what I’m talking about? Anyone else had really weird culture shock issues with places they’ve been?? #SupportGroupTime

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