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Easter Happy List

I’ve spent the past week being unbelievably grumpy because the easter holidays left us unexpectedly smashed at work. Like, 4 staff attempting to serve 300+ people for 10 hours straight and no time for breaks smashed. It was brutal. On top of that, I was bitterly remembering my month long stint in Costa Rica. Queue tears and TBT instagrams.

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10 Travel Related Items You Need Right Now

Hello world! So you’re probably wondering why I’ve been completely AWOL, and the answer is threefold. Firstly, I spilt wine on my laptop and had to wait for the insurance company to send me the money to buy a new one (thank god for clumsy people level coverage). Secondly, I accidentally went on a 10 day bender anyway and just went out far too much to even function above basic things like breathing and making coffee, which brings me to my third point, I’ve started working like 40 hours a week in my little coffee shop which has taken me a while to get used to.

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