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We’re sat on the roof top of our hostel, drinking strawberry wine and eating bread. The sun is setting and we’re kind of hoping we don’t get kicked out when it gets to 10pm. Chairs are lined in a circle and filled with people from different corners of the globe, and we’re all listening to […]

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Travel Scrapbook: Barcelona

Oooooh so I’m back with another instalment of my travel scrapbook. I feel like I’ve improved a lot this time and it’s actually starting to look like how I want it to! Although one of the challenges is finding actual words and remembering what happened on said trip weeks after it happened, so next time […]

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Not London: but Salisbury

So whilst I’m chilling at home for a little while, I thought I’d low key give a shout out to this little town in the west country of England. A lot of people hate their home towns and although that was the case for me before I moved away for a few years, I’ve come […]

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Our trip to Barcelona [Video]

So yeah, I’m on YouTube now! I really want to get into film making, documentary, montage-ing (that’s a word right?) and re-visit vlogging, so here we go! Hopefully it’ll be a decided improvement from my poor comedy skills as a 15 year old…

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