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Reykjavik Photo Diary

Hey guys! I’m just exhausting all my photos from Reykjavik/Iceland whilst I’m doing my essays because I’ve literally run out of words and I don’t have the time to go anywhere interesting in the UK to tell you about! (I don’t even have time to leave the house. send help/pizza)

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Reykjavik in Red

When I told my friends that I was heading to Iceland, they thought I was in for some foggy, damp, cold adventure. Kinda like I’d be staying in a shack and sleeping next to a sheep for warmth. They’d heard of that-volcano-that-exploded and maybe assumed the capital city Reykjavik was just a town with a […]

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The Iceland Playlist

I can’t believe I’m off to Iceland tomorrow!¬†When I booked in August (super organised, guys) I thought March would never roll around… and yet here we are. Although, I’m not sure the U.K got the memo about it being spring because it’s pretty horrendous weather here.

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