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Travel Scrapbook: Barcelona

Oooooh so I’m back with another instalment of my travel scrapbook. I feel like I’ve improved a lot this time and it’s actually starting to look like how I want it to! Although one of the challenges is finding actual words and remembering what happened on said trip weeks after it happened, so next time I’m gonna keep a diary ON THE GO. (How exciting)

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Tapas Experience in Barcelona

Disclaimer: I don’t work for nor was I paid by Sandemans New Europe for this post, I just think they are THAT great.

Spain, the home of tapas! Naturally I convinced everyone I was with that we had to try it at least once, and after our amazing walking tour (thanks to ERIK, what a babe), we decided to go with Sandeman’s Tapas Experience at the end of our trip. Here’s how it went down, and why you should do it too.

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