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Not London: but Salisbury

So whilst I’m chilling at home for a little while, I thought I’d low key give a shout out to this little town in the west country of England. A lot of people hate their home towns and although that was the case for me before I moved away for a few years, I’ve come back now and fallen a little bit in love with it.

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Street Photography in London

A day trip up to London is always an excuse to get the camera out for a practice, no matter how grey the weather! Click through to see some of my street photography from a day out in London!

Had a cheeky (and well deserved) day out to see Hozier (life changing, incase you were wondering) with my best friend Becky the other day. It was grey and miserable (look at me, talking about the weather. Such a stereotype), so it wasn’t really a day for taking photos, it was definitely more of a day for sitting inside warm coffee shops (which is precisely what we did). Despite this, I did my best at embarking on street photography. Here are the results!

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