Easter Happy List

I’ve spent the past week being unbelievably grumpy because the easter holidays left us unexpectedly smashed at work. Like, 4 staff attempting to serve 300+ people for 10 hours straight and no time for breaks smashed. It was brutal. On top of that, I was bitterly remembering my month long stint in Costa Rica. Queue tears and TBT instagrams.

However, one of my resolutions for this week is to be less negative, so in an effort to follow through I’m making a little list of all the things that made me happy since the beginning of April. And I encourage you to do the same!

Easter Happy List

  1. Free coffee at work
  2. Finally upgrading my broken phone
  3. Discovering the magic of Tesco’s Jalapeño vegan cheese
  4. Cheeky IKEA visits with mum (and nearly weeing ourselves in excitement over cushions and throws #sad)
  5. Is that… sun??? The sun is finally peeking out???
  6. Getting accepted into my masters course (oh yeah, this is a thing that happened)
  7. Finishing my TEFL (oh yeah, this also happened)
  8. Classic hometown nights out that end up involving tequila and lots of laughing
  9. Seeing all of my beautiful friends and coworkers again after a month away
  10. The fact my tan is still a thing
  11. My personal Instagram is actually glowing atm
  12. Buying all the Body Shop skin care range, again
  13. I’ve discovered the life changing science of beauty blenders
  14. Being surprised with dark chocolate easter eggs by mother
  15. Mexican food
  16. Zizzi’s new dark chocolate torte
  17. Discovering a dope remix of Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift I haven’t heard
  18. Buying an entire constellation of fairy lights
  19. Discovering the magic of hummus and mushroom baps
  20. Getting to redo the menu board at work
  21. Buying some dope new pink sunglasses
  22. Sitting in the Cathedral close with friends
  23. The post man delivering our own postcards to our very hands whilst we were both at work
  24. dogs

Looking back I’m unsurprised to see the majority of this revolving around food, and I ain’t even mad.

What would be on your Easter happy list?

Make a happy list in times of stress to remind you that life is great! | Maps of Pangea
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