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End Selfie Stick Shame!

Is there a more controversial topic when it gets to travel and photography? Probably, but nothing gets people heated like the idea of selfie sticks.

End Selfie Stick Shame | Maps of Pangea

A really cool arty photo I got on my solo trip to Iceland that would have been unachievable without a selfie stick

But why is this? If you’re a selfie stick hater, I’m here to help you reassess why you’re crying over a bit of metal and plastic. Like, for real bro. Have a word with yourself.

So I think one of the main reasons is that the selfie stick is associated mainly with the dreaded ‘white girl’ stereotype. Worse – VAIN white girls. Girls who are self involved and only care about the way they look. But really, what’s so bad about being a ‘white girl’? Why must we shame girls for being interested in avocados and pugs? For instagraming their soy latte? For wanting to take pictures of themselves? Let us LIVE.

How to survive a group holiday | Maps of Pangea

This selfie stick shame needs to end because as much as I’ve tried to find ACTUAL negatives to the use of one in a public space, the positives far outweigh them.


  1. A solo traveller can FINALLY have decent pictures of themselves
    This is so important. Anyone can get pictures of the sights you’re seeing, but when you get nice pictures of yourself in there, it’s a special kind of memento.
End Selfie Stick Shame | Maps of Pangea

Another arty solo photo but from Barcelona this time

2. Two or more people together can take pictures at their leisure without excluding anyone
Plus you can be as goofy as you like, which is hard to do if you’re involving a stranger in the photo taking process.

End Selfie Stick Shame | Maps of Pangea

me trying to annoy my boyfriend as much as possible

3. You can FINALLY get the whole group in
No one’s arm is long enough to perfect the group selfie, the only time this has worked in real life is when Ellen Degeneres did it at the Oscars.

End Selfie Stick Shame | Maps of Pangea

  1. You don’t have to give your camera to a stranger or exclude someone as the photographer
    For so long I’ve been missed out of group photos because who wants to give your expensive piece of equipment to a stranger? And as designated photographer for my friends over the years, i’ve been the one to snap the pictures at any group event, meaning I don’t actually get any pictures of myself. Was I even there? Who knows
How to survive a group holiday | Maps of Pangea

Park Guell, Barcelona

5. Better angles mean you can include you AND whatever is around you (sights and otherwise) without just having the boring bog standard holiday snaps.
Oh look it’s you and the eiffel tower from the exact same angle as every other tourist ever, or super cool original viewpoint only achievable by selfie stick?

End Selfie Stick Shame | Maps of Pangea

Look it’s like someone else was taking this when in reality it was ME

6. Have you ever tried taking a selfie with something without a selfie stick? It’s hard

End Selfie Stick Shame | Maps of Pangea

Me, Lisa, the Colosseum, and one cracked iPhone 4.


  1. You could accidentally hit someone with it if not paying attention
    But considering that usually something expensive is on the other end of it, that’s unlikely.
  2. You could momentarily impair someone else’s view.
    ButĀ tourism and crowded monuments areĀ a part of travel today, so really can we just get over it?

End Selfie Stick Shame | Maps of Pangea

And there we have it – if anyone else can add to this, feel free to comment. I do however think that if anyone is really opposed to selfie sticks for a reason stated above (not like, a selfie stick killed your first born son or something) then you need to stop being a fun sponge. Live and let live.

I'm calling it - It's time to end the shame on selfie sticks. They're pretty vital in taking awesome pictures and I want everyone to stop with the hate. | Maps of Pangea

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