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Go Visit Monteverde, Costa Rica. Like, Now.

In the jungle on top of the mountains, is where the sloths live. Now if that doesn’t sound like some sort of awesome fantasy-book-worthy set up, then I don’t know what is. Just a few hours away (up some very steep and questionable roads) from the golden beaches you’ve been busy drinking cocktails on and living that pura vida life is a whole other world of greenery and wonderfulness.

Costa Rica | Maps of Pangea

Monteverde was at the top of our list when we hit up the highlights of Costa Rica. Just a few nature enthusiasts who were on the hunt for sloths and other exciting wildlife, we knew it was a must. We went there from Tamarindo by transfer (you won’t find too many buses going to Monteverde because it requires some pretty serious manoeuvring) and honestly it’s crazy to think such different scenery is just a few hours away. (And different weather too. Like, pack warm clothes. We didn’t. Mountain nights can get breezy)

Now this fabulous corner of the country speaks for itself, but I’m completely here for gushing about it anyway.

  1. The wildlife

Costa Rica | Maps of Pangea

We did a night time wildlife tour, as the best creatures come out at night. Our guide showed us colourful birds, glow in the dark scorpions, sleeping snakes, and obviously no tour would be complete without some sloths thrown in.

2. You can eat in an actual treehouse

Rainforest Cafe, Monteverde | Maps of Pangea

In the village of Monteverde, where everything feels magical, you can eat in a treehouse. Not only that, it’s a rainbow treehouse. With cocktails. I don’t think I need to say anymore.

3. Anywhere you stay feels like you’re in an actual treehouse

Monteverde | Maps of Pangea

Not only can you eat in a treehouse, you can feel like your staying in a treehouse (but warmer and with plumbing). We stayed in Sleepers Sleep Cheaper which is a family run and AWESOME hostel. The owners are super friendly, supply fresh local coffee, and endless useful information about the area. Plus, you just feel like you’re in a treehouse.

4. You’re above the clouds (in a cloud forest)

Sorry for any confusion for dramatic effect, but the jungle is actually called a cloud forest. In my opinion, this sounds pretty magical in its own right, and let me tell you it’s aptly named. Let me paint you a picture: me, waking up, walking out onto the balcony, and seeing a cloud. Like, right there. Just hanging out. I’m not going to lie, I was hyped enough to FaceTime my mum and show her.

Monteverde | Costa Rica

5. You can visit coffee and chocolate plantations

I am SO GUTTED we didn’t have time to do this, but it’s first thing on my list next time I’m passing through.

6. Walking through the sky in Selvatura Park

They really love a suspension bridge in Costa Rica. Selvatura is probably the most popular (and with good reason) which is what we went to, and even in peak season it didn’t feel busy. You can do your zip lining here too, which is another tourist favourite. Let me tell you, it’s pretty darn awesome to walk out onto a mildly wobbly bridge and see the whole of the forest. AND my friend nearly got pooped on by a monkey, which if is definitely what I call getting up close and personal with nature.

Costa Rica | Maps of Pangea

Honestly Monteverde was one of my favourite parts of the trip (maybe because my poor skin could recover from the humidity and my childlike soul got to see sloths). It really is a complete change over from the beaches on the west coast, and proves Costa Rica does indeed have something for everyone.

High up in the mountains is where the sloths live... | Maps of Pangea

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