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The Golden Circle: a Photo Diary

Hey guys! I wanted to share some more photos from Iceland with you! This time it’s from probably the most popular day trip, the Golden Circle!

I 100% recommend doing this trip, although if you’re dead keen I’d rent a car and do it yourself or get an all day trip. I took an afternoon trip and although it was fun and I learnt a lot of cool facts, I felt like I didn’t get nearly enough time at Thingviller National Park. I probably could have spent a whole day there exploring! (it’s huge if anyone hadn’t realised)

Now I’m no Iceland tour guide, but it’s my understanding that the Golden Circle takes you to the Thingviller National Park, where the first Icelandic government formed (and more importantly, a Game of Thrones filming location), Gullfoss (Where the cafe does a banging lamb stew), and the famous Geysir.

1. Thingvellir National Park

The Golden Circle in Photos | Maps of Pangea

Thingviller National Park is where two continental plates, (America and Europe/Asia) are drifting apart. I’m not sure if drifting is the right work because it sounds a lot more gentle than it probably is, especially as the gap in between is being filled with lava from erupting volcanoes.

One especially neat thing I didn’t get to do is scuba diving the fault line, which is absolutely top on my list for my next visit to Iceland, along with horse riding and a glacier hike. So if you’ve done it please please please tell me about it so I can live vicariously through you.

Thingvellir National Park

One of the coolest things was driving across the park, listening to my Iceland playlist, and I was lucky enough to visit on a gorgeous sunny day (that lasted all afternoon, well done Iceland), which made it even more spectacular. Geography nerd alert, but the whole time I was getting over excited about how we were driving across two completely different continents and these were the actual continental plates we learned about in geography in year 8. (But that’s just me, getting over excited about everything)

2. Gullfoss

Second on the list is Gullfoss, a huge waterfall. When we arrived here I was so ill I actually thought I was going to die (not melodramatic at all), so I only actually took one picture and then sat in the cafe sipping tea (you can take the Briton out of Britain) contemplating life, so here you go:

(I wish I could tell you more about this one but it’s a bit of a sickness-driven haze, so I guess you’ll just have to go there and find out for yourself!)

3. Geysir National Park

Our final stop was the Geysir (Which is actually spelt Geysir but autocorrect is coming for me so if I spell it wrong that is why). This was my favourite because although it goes off fairly often, not every burst is that impressive. I was stood there for 5 minutes and it went off maybe twice the height of me, and I was there like “Is that it? Seriously? Jeez Iceland”, but then I decided to wait around for the next one so I could get a picture anyway, then BOOM, it comes out in full force. I think it probably knew I was silently judging it and was like “well I’ll show her”

(I’d like to thank every old Icelandic viking god for letting the light be exactly perfect when I took this picture.)

It’s not just about the Geysir, the whole area is a steamy wonderland of geothermal activity. (If you do a day tour, you usually get to go to a geothermal power plant, but I didn’t) And I really wish my photography did it justice.

Has anyone else ever visited Iceland and done the Golden Circle? So far my only recommendations are do it, just make sure you’re not ill…

The Golden Circle is one of the most popular day trips in Iceland. Check out some of my photos from the excursion I did in March for Iceland inspo!

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