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Happy New Year!

Boy has 2016 has been a wild ride. Like, it was appalling as we all know but many great things happened too.

We could all agree that 2016 has been really shitty, but that’s no fun. I mean think of this way: planes flew, people hugged, friends became friends, trees grew, and the ozone layer repaired itself. Now that’s pretty fab. And whilst it can be easy to get hung up on the bad things (R.I.P David Bowie </3 </3) let’s not let that taint 2017.

NYE | Maps of Pangea

Hello 2017 from my small town in the UK once again!

Anyway, New Years Eve is one of my absolute favourite celebrations (besides my birthday 2 days after obviously) because I’m really lame and I love new beginnings and sorting my life into chapters. I also just can’t get enough of glitter and fireworks.

So to kick start this New Year (and also because I didn’t get a chance to do it in December because working in hospitality over Christmas is soul draining) I’m going to do a quick review of my favourite things from 2016 – and I encourage you to do the same. Let’s pop on some rose tinted spectacles because life is too short to be upset about the past.

Starting off the New Year in Amsterdam

Amsterdam | Maps of Pangea

Running around the dock trying not to be hit by a firework was certainly a memorable way to start 2016. If anyone is considering taking a NYE trip, the Europeans know how to do it I can tell you that now.


Brussels | Maps of Pangea

I had a lovely experience in Brussels. It was the place I discovered Sandeman’s New Europe tour company and have since been on NINE tours with them! They are that good as a company. (They’re not even paying me for this or anything I’m just that hyped about it.)

I also had a banging chocolate mousse in the Galleries and had my first solo traveller experience of getting drunk in a random bar with complete strangers. (Student life)


Iceland | Maps of Pangea

You know, when you’re just super bored, so you decide to head to Iceland on your own. That was a pretty proud moment for me.

Iceland felt like home. Everywhere I went I literally felt like I had lived there all my life. It was such a warm and welcoming country and I never wanted to leave (but I had to because school ugh).

Handing in my dissertation

“Thank every flying fuck that’s over” – me, after I handed in 10,000 words analysing Madonna through philosophy.


Barcelona | Maps of Pangea

The perfect post-university fiesta, Barcelona was everything.


Munich | Maps of Pangea

Munich was the unexpected love of my autumn. I went on a whim on someone else’s choice, and it ended up making me want to stay there. It was such a contrast when we went to Prague (my choice of city) and I ended up feeling let down. So on advice from Kylie Jenner, this 2016 in the midst of ‘realising stuff’ I realised that the places you might least want to go might be your favourites. (And also that sauerkraut is life.)


I shook hands with Roger Daltrey and received my 2:1 in Professional Musicianship, Songwriting. So here’s to a lifetime of “yes, it is a real degree.” and “No I’m actually a …..(fuck knows)”

A little side self-high-five under this topic is that I earned my first real money as a songwriter a few weeks ago. A whole £8.32. WELL DONE ME I’M A REAL SONGWRITER!

Enrolling in TEFL

I’m so proud of myself for doing this! The moment I clicked the enrol button, I felt like the key to the world had been handed to me. I knew I had the ability to go anywhere and do anything.

Ahead to 2017

I’m actually not one for setting resolutions, surprisingly. I tend to try and take things week by week, but this year I feel like I want to try and push myself more and more out of my comfort zone, starting with…

Costa Rica! I booked a month long trip (after having to cancel Australia </3) with my friend to go galavanting around Costa Rica doing extreme sports. We go in February, and to be honest I plan on trying to stay there…

So we’ll see what happens!


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