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Maps of Pangea got the Liebster Award!

I’d like to thank my friends, my cat….

Joke, it’s not that exciting. It’s still pretty cool though. The Liebster Award is passed between bloggers so that readers can discover great new content! Each blogger has to answer a set of 11 questions from the person who nominated them, then come up with 11 more questions to send to 11 other bloggers.

I was nominated by Lucy’s Cities (Thanks Lucy!!) through Girls Love Travel. (I don’t know if I’m actually allowed to talk about GLT outside of the Facebook group or if it’s like Fight Club, but let’s just roll with it)

  1. What’s your favourite continent?

I’ve actually only been to Europe and North America at the moment, but by the end of 2017 I’m aiming to hit Africa, Asia and Australasia too! I think for now I’d have to go for Europe seeing as I’ve had a wider view of it, and mainly because the US freaked me out a little. You guys exist in a parallel universe where everything is the same but a little bit different! Why is your chocolate so sugary?? Why is tax not included in the price??? I’m going to stop before I cause a full blown war about the differences between America and Europe…

2. What inspires you in travelling?

I’d definitely say being in so many great Facebook groups like Girls Vs Globe (thanks Sabina!) and Girls Love Travel (thanks Haley!) – these amazing ladies inspire me everyday to go on adventures! I feel like I’ve got a 20,000 strong sorority of globetrotting sisters.

3. What was your first trip?

My first ‘trip’ was technically a holiday to the Scottish Highlands – all my family holidays basically consisted of UK based trips (I’m not really sure why but I don’t really mind… at least now when it rains I feel like I’m on holiday!). My first adventure to another country was when I was 18 and my friend and I took off to Italy!



4. Why is your blog called Maps of Pangea?

A) I LOVE maps. Even before I loved travel, I loved maps. I have them all over my walls and all over everything I own! B) I’m a massive science nerd. Pangea was the continent before there were continents! The evolution of the world is such an awesome subject (I’m sooooo saaaaaaad) and I really wanted an original blog name!

5. What’s the best way for you to spend your time abroad?

My fave thing to do is sit in coffee shops and/or bars. AND just walk around/explore! Although it depends – if I’ve had a pretty hectic time at home (like working in retail over Christmas *shudder*) I’ll just want to chillax!

6. Is there any horror story you can tell from your time abroad?

Luckily I’ve escaped without too much going horribly and irreversibly wrong in my adventures (touch wood). I mean there was the time when we had to fly back to Stansted on my first flight ever because 2 passengers collapsed (but I kind of didn’t mind that because I was enjoying life) or when we had to get a horrendous bus replacement from Pompeii to Naples, or when my shoe broke and gave me a foot infection, leading me to have a panic attack in the airport (my own fault for poor footwear let’s be honest), or maybe when I landed in Amsterdam to find that I couldn’t get home because of a Belgian railway strike and had to cut my trip 4 days short… Okay, maybe I haven’t really had a stress free trip yet…


7. What souvenirs do you bring from the countries you visit?

I wanted to start buying “I <3 ___” T-shirts after my rather fabulous “I <3 Papa Francesco” shirt from Vatican City, but I didn’t end up getting one from any of my other trips. I don’t really get any souvenirs, but I like to donate to my friend’s ‘world tat shelf’ if I can!

8. What is your favorite picture you made during your travels?

9. What is the place that has most inspired you?

I kind of wish I could say New York. However, I’m going to have to choose somewhere I haven’t even been yet and say at the moment it’s Australia. I’m planning on a huge backpacking trip there and all I can think about is that it’s going to be so warm and there are going to be koalas and I can learn to surf. Hurry up 2017!

10. What’s the best way for you to travel?

I haven’t decided yet! I don’t think I’ve been travelling enough to know myself travelling and how I like to do it.

11. How often do you write in your blog?

Weekly/twice weekly!

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Here are your questions:

  1. What’s the best meal you’ve had whilst travelling?
  2. Which is your favourite country?
  3. Tell one hilarious travel story!
  4. Is there anything you miss about home?
  5. Have you met any lifelong friends whilst travelling?
  6. What’s your favourite movie?
  7. Do you have a go-to travel playlist?
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  11. Nature or city?



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