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New York

NYC | Maps of PangeaNew York New York.

Honestly I didn’t enjoy myself too much when I was there – I was suffering from the dreaded culture shock – but I think if I went back again I’d love it. I mean it had a lot to live up to, because unlike my other trips I grew up with this city. I lived in Monica’s apartment and I laughed over cosmos with Carrie. I mean when Taylor Swift says something is waiting for you, it’s got to be good right?

Landing in JFK on a humid September afternoon I could almost feel my heart fluttering around in my throat. That skyline crept into view. It took us several hours to get to the city and we didn’t reach it until night fall, but stepping out of that subway station into a balmy city evening among the brownstones of the Upper West Side literally made me dizzy with excitement. I could see

NYC | Maps of Pangea

Central Park. It was actually there and I could see it with my real eyes.

Sleeping did absolutely nothing to help me not freak out over how awesome it was just to be in New York City, and to make things worse (or better) we literally ran into Mark Ruffalo in Starbucks the next morning. I mean, it was 7am and I was so jetlagged so the best I could get out of myself was “You’re my favourite hulk”, but props to him he was lovely and friendly and even said hello to us the next time he saw us.

Like are you listening to this?? New York is the kind of city where you can just make friends with The Incredible Hulk.

By far the mot magical moment of the trip was visiting the Empire State Building at night. The first few nights I’d look up and wonder where all the stars went, but the moment you step out onto the observation deck, you can see where they ended up.

Every window is a star. Every district is a galaxy. Every street is a constellation. Every cab is a comet. Times Square is a supernova.NYC | Maps of Pangea

NYC | Maps of Pangea

NYC | Maps of Pangea


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