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How Not To Be a Hostel Dickhead

If you’re a person who has travelled during their teens and twenties, you’ve more than likely stayed in a hostel. And they’re great right? Making new pals and meeting people from all over the world at dirt cheap prices! Woohoo fun all round and more money for booze experiences!

I’ve actually only stayed at really nice hostels (mainly because I’m not willing to forsake comfort and location for the sake of few pennies) including my all time FAV: The Yellow Rome. The hostel bar is something else for making friends, seriously. And because of staying at nice hostels, I’ve had lovely hostel experiences. Mostly…

So 6 Australians, 2 Americans, 1 Lithuanian and 3 Britons walk into a bar

So 6 Australians, 2 Americans, 1 Lithuanian and 3 Britons walk into a bar

But spoiler alert, get ready to call me a Moaning Margaret, because sometimes they can give you the WORST experiences EVER. Fo real. There’s always that one person who ruins it for everyone else. (or like, 2 or 3 in my case…)

Okay so I have a feeling this post might get me a wee bit of hate, but I’m a self proclaimed moaning myrtle who likes a good nights sleep so I feel like this is something I’m allowed to complain about.

Like the time I stayed at a lovely hostel with free breakfasts and lovely staff members, but I got stuck with the WORST roommates ever. Seriously. I mean, maybe it’s just me and placing a high value on manners, but if you’re in a room with someone asleep, why have a shouty conversation? Like is that just me who thinks that’s really rude??

If anyone finds this at the Yellow Rome pls take a picture for me

If anyone finds this at the Yellow Rome pls take a picture for me

You know the type I’m talking about… and if you don’t, then you’re the hostel dickhead.

  1. If people in your dorm are sleeping… be quiet
    Dude, it’s called being polite. It blows my mind that there are people still out there who will stay in a dorm and have loud phone conversations at 1am. Nothing irritates me more than loud people at inappropriate hours. When I was staying in Amsterdam I had the misfortune to be stuck with 3 of the rudest Portuguese girls I’ve ever met… every night they’d come in between 1-2am and stink out the room with the smell of weed, then have a loud face time conversation with their relatives. Seriously???
  2. If people in your dorm are sleeping… don’t turn the lights on
    Hey guys, jet lag is a thing. Sometimes you might be like “Why are the lights off at 10pm that is so unreasonable” But those 2 guys who just got here are currently living life at 2am. Don’t be a douche bag! And don’t even get me started on you if you’re the person who turns the lights on between 12 and 6am.
  3. Don’t leave your shit everywhere
    Oops I swore. Anyway there’s nothing more annoying than the girl who leaves her clothes/towels/bags ALL over the floor and uses ALL the clothes hooks. Hey girl, this ain’t your own private boudoir and I don’t want to deal with your gross socks all over the floor/my pillow. Get some boundaries kthx.
  4. Don’t eat someone else’s food.
    I heard a story about a girl who bought an expensive pizza and opened up the fridge later to find just the crust left… if that doesn’t inspire terror and deep sadness inside you, I don’t know what will. One time I had someone drink my almond milk and I was ragin’. That shits expensive to a budget traveller yo!
  5. DON’T. HAVE. SEX. you will get pregnant and die whilst the room is populated 
    Ewww?? I don’t want to have to be on the bottom bunk whilst someone is making the entire bed shake above me. Go do it in the showers for crying out loud! THANK GOD I’ve never had to experience this but I know it’s only a matter of time.

Any other bad experiences you’ve had in hostels? Or just good ones tell me your secrets

We've all been there... if you're a budget traveller, no doubt you've frequented a few hostels! Don't you always come across that one AWFUL person who just has no sense of how to act around other humans? For a quick guide to hostel etiquette, click through to read more!

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