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Ultimate Travel Bucketlist: Middle East

I am dreaming of Abu Dhabi, Tel Aviv and the Middle East! Originally on my first blog I lumped Asia together but I literally don’t think I have the stamina to make a post that big again. There literally isn’t anyway you can say “Hey, Tajikistan and Thailand. Similar, yes?” I’m not about that life.

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The Iceland Playlist

I can’t believe I’m off to Iceland tomorrow! When I booked in August (super organised, guys) I thought March would never roll around… and yet here we are. Although, I’m not sure the U.K got the memo about it being spring because it’s pretty horrendous weather here.

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Birthday in Rotterdam

My dearest homie Becca is studying for a year in Rotterdam, so I thought, hey, why not visit her whilst I’m over in Amsterdam? Why not do it on the very day I turn 21? Why not have a fucking great time? Which is exactly what happened. We were however, still very tired from NYE […]

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Ultimate Travel Bucketlist: Oceania

Okay so I am literally jumping with joy to make this because I’m planning on going on a crazy YOLO backpacking extravaganza to Australia this time next year, that I literally decided on today. After spending some time in Europe I remembered how much I love travelling and realised how I really really really really […]

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Liebster Award Nomination

I’d like to thank my cat… (Hang on… I’ve definitely already made this joke…) That’s because I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award AGAIN! I’m such a lucky blogger. This time I’ve been nominated by Izzy over at The Next Somewhere, who you should definitely check out because her blog is beyond awesome. She even […]

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