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Ultimate Travel Bucketlist: Central & South America

From Colombia to the tip of Chile and the Falkland Islands, If you're heading to South America, see what I've put on my Ultimate Travel Bucketlist!

My good friend Lisa, who travelled with me to Rome, recently went on a month long Peruvian excursion where she worked as a midwife. Her tales, have given me South America fever (The good kind). No longer is South America somewhere we pretended we’d run away to to avoid having to do English GCSE (you think I’m lying but there was serious talk about becoming Peruvian goat farmers).

Along with Central America, largely because I have another friend who works on a cruise ship in a function band, and if I see one more picture of him holding a strawberry daiquiri on a beach in December, I’m going to delete him on Facebook. It looks sickeningly lovely. There are places where the sea is WARM. In the world. Places exist. Where the sea. Is not cold. I know, incredible concepts, but please stay with me.

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Street Photography in London

A day trip up to London is always an excuse to get the camera out for a practice, no matter how grey the weather! Click through to see some of my street photography from a day out in London!

Had a cheeky (and well deserved) day out to see Hozier (life changing, incase you were wondering) with my best friend Becky the other day. It was grey and miserable (look at me, talking about the weather. Such a stereotype), so it wasn’t really a day for taking photos, it was definitely more of a day for sitting inside warm coffee shops (which is precisely what we did). Despite this, I did my best at embarking on street photography. Here are the results!

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A British first impression of America

I went to New York. If anyone follows me on instagram, they’ll probably know this, thanks to the insane amount of pictures posted with Taylor Swift lyrics underneath them. However, I felt a bit weird about the whole ordeal. My first few days were fucking awesome, and whilst we were walking around underneath the huge buildings in midtown and getting lost looking for the Rockerfeller Centre, I really understood the meaning of concrete jungle. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to come across as really spoilt/ungrateful or something, but I think I may have suffered from my first instance of the dreaded culture shock.

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Everything that went wrong in Rome

So about a year and a half ago I lost my figurative abroad travel virginity on a whirlwind trip to Rome/Italy. Picture the scene: a small town, English girl, used to the polite and English ways of her small English town, suddenly embarking on a budget trip to Italy’s capital with her best friend Lisa (known to the group as the world’s most unlucky traveller). Recipe for disaster.

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Ultimate Travel Bucketlist: Europe

From the UK to Ukraine, to France, Spain, Germany, Greece and everywhere in between! If you're heading to Europe, check out what I've put on my Ultimate Travel Bucketlist!

So I have been madly pinteresting away on travel boards for a week, like the stereotype I am, and I felt the need to create a concise bucket list of everything I’ve found that I want to see. Which is a lot of stuff. I’ve basically discovered I want to see everything there is to see. Which is great, but now I need to organise my thoughts into a workable idea… so here it is. Starting with Europe and organised in a way that seems logical to me but probably doesn’t actually make much sense.

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24 Hours in Brussels

On a mini-adventure to Belgium, fate (well... train strikes) gave me 24 hours in Brussels, and I was determined not waste them. Click through to see my advice on what to do!

When I first turned up in Brussels on a gloomy afternoon at the beginning of January, I was in a horrific mood. Horrific.

I’d was hungover from my birthday, I had those post-celebration blues, I’d missed trains and been delayed, the weather was shite, I was homesick, and on top of that I was convinced Brussels was going to be terrible, thanks to the really rough area I had to walk through to get to the Hostel. (I had fun playing ‘Brussels or South East London’ with my friends on our group chat. Do they even have bin men in the south of town???)

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