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A Photo Diary of Barcelona

Hey guys just popping in to say I’m sorry I’ve been AWOL for the past few weeks – really thought I’d be able to post in Barcelona but I had other priorities read: drinking and eating but I’m back for good now, just like Take That.

So yeah, I’ve been to Barcelona and I am thoroughly in love with it. Like, ready to shack up and get married in love. It’s stolen my heart from New York who I thought I’d be going steady with for quite a while, and run away with it like some sort of Spanish hunk. I’m completely ready to move there and eat tapas and siesta/fiesta/repeat.

A Photo Diary of Barcelona

Park Guell

Until I can articulate my love for this incredible city into semi-decent prose (and recovered from my laryngitis because apparently my body waits for me to travel before getting ill), I’m just going to whack up some photos and cry myself to sleep about how I’m not sitting in the park drinking beer in the sun.

A Photo Diary of Barcelona

Someone doing some pretty intense yoga behind a cathedral

Barcelona is so great because you can just be going for a little walk to kill time at 8am and you’ll come across a very hairless man doing yoga in an alley way.

A Photo Diary of Barcelona

The city is full of such amazing architecture, from roman and medieval times as well as thanks to Gaudi who popped up the fabulous Sagrada Familia and Park Guell.

A Photo Diary of Barcelona

Rambla Market

Barcelona is also home to one of the best food markets in Spain (apparently, this is what I kept hearing, but I’ve never been to any others so I can’t be too sure).

Basically, the city is architecture, colour, parks, and history for DAYS.

A Photo Diary of Spain

La Rambla

the Born

A Photo Diary of Barcelona

Enjoying a beer in the park

A Photo Diary of Barcelona

Enjoying a beer in the afternoon sun

So I just got back from Barcelona! It was beyond incredible, and whilst i'm still trying to process it, have a look at some of my photos I took on the trip that will show it's beauty more than I can through words!

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