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Pride Weekend: a Survival Guide

It’s not actually Pride season in the U.K just yet, but seeing as the internet is in Pride mania, I thought I’d pop in my thoughts on how to survive the weekend that is Pride festival.

Pride festival is a beautiful, multi-coloured dream work of happiness and drunk people. People who have never met before become best friends in the line for the bathroom. Lukewarm vodka and beer is drank out plastic cups/cans, and you can’t walk 3 steps without meeting someone coated in glitter.

Pride Weekend: A Survival Guide | Maps of Pangea

In Brighton ‘Pride Weekend’ is a conglomeration of many things. You’ve got the parade, a festival in Preston Park, several celebrations and events/parties in Kemptown, literally every club will have a dedicated night on, and pretty much every park/open space/beach is turned into an outdoor party.

It’s truly an apt celebration of love in all its forms, but it doesn’t pass without problems. But worry not! I’ve got a few Pride festivals under my belt (thank you Brighton) and I’m here to pass on some helpful tips on how to survive the weekend.

  1. Hydration is key

This is a well known mantra between me and my friends. Stay! Hydrated! Day drinking for 10 hours in the heat is a recipe for heatstroke, so make sure you punctuate your cold-ones-with-the-boys with a bottle of water.

Pride Weekend: A Survival Guide | Maps of Pangea

I have a reputation as a Buxton 1.75L maniac

2. Wear sun block/sunglasses/a hat

Nakedness is generally a given at Pride. Britain as a general population tend to strip the moment the sun comes out, so add body paint and a bottle of warm pinot grigio and the result is amplified. By all means, wear your bralets, but also wear your SPF 30!

3. Bring glitter!

Great for making friends. I met two Australian girls in the line for the bathroom because I was glittering up my own face and they asked if they could get involved. Plus, you’ll feel super festive and like you also might be a bit magical.

Pride Weekend: A Survival Guide | Maps of Pangea


4. Be aware of your possessions

Theft increases tenfold when in close quarters with hundreds of people who might be feeling over-confident. So be aware of where all your valuables are, and don’t carry loads of cash/cards on you.

5. If you’ve got tickets to the actual festival, eat/drink before you head in.

Plot twist is, most of the residents of Brighton don’t actually go to the festival in Preston Park, mainly because it’s really really expensive, the acts aren’t always that good, and it’s equally as fun getting sitting at the Level or the beach and then maybe trying to get into Kemptown at night. I’ve only been in once because I got a free ticket, and I spent £7 on a very very sad crepe. (You could even say it was crepe)

Pride Weekend: A Survival Guide | Maps of Pangea

6. You don’t have to drink if you don’t want to!

Just because the world will seem full of drunk 18-30 year olds, doesn’t mean you have to drink if you usually wouldn’t want to.

Pride Weekend: A Survival Guide | Maps of Pangea

7. That being said, Don’t take anything from strangers.

If you are the kind of person who does want to drink (etc…), don’t take anything from strangers. Assholes exist in the LGBT world, even on a day filled with positivity.

8. Don’t start drinking till at least the afternoon

Unless you want to fall asleep at 9pm and miss half the fun. (Or alternatively just push through it and solider on).

9. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to!

If you’re not comfortable kissing strangers, don’t feel like you have to do it in the name of Pride.

Pride Weekend: A Survival Guide | Maps of Pangea

Unless it’s Danny GoGo because he’s a legend

But if you do want to have sex with strangers, make sure you have condoms. In fact, maybe bring some even if you don’t intend to hook up with anyone, that way you can trade them for some glow sticks/body paint.

10. Embrace the weirdness.

You’re going to see a lot of crazy shit. Embrace it.

Pride Weekend: A Survival Guide | Maps of Pangea

Exhibit A. (or should I say B)

Any other tips/experiences from Pride in other parts of the world?

Pride weekend is a glitter covered asylum of positivity crammed into 72 hours of non-stop colour. Here's how to survive. | Maps of Pangea

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