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Birthday in Rotterdam

I spent my 21st birthday in Rotterdam hanging out with my friend who lives there. Click through to read what happened!

My dearest homie Becca is studying for a year in Rotterdam, so I thought, hey, why not visit her whilst I’m over in Amsterdam? Why not do it on the very day I turn 21? Why not have a fucking great time? Which is exactly what happened.

We were however, still very tired from NYE and the cold weather, so the day did involve at least 2 stops for coffee and a very long nap.

Aaaaayyyyy it's me name

Aaaaayyyyy it’s me name

I started off the day getting confused as to which train to get from Amsterdam (so I picked the cheapest, naturally, which happened to be the longest) and when I arrived I was greeted with the complete opposite of Amsterdam.

So if Amsterdam is all old with funky houses and traditional roads and canals everywhere, Rotterdam is super duper modern (even though it does still have bikes) with weird and wonderful buildings that seem to defy physics. (Confession: I was literally SO tired and it was such a dreary uninspiring day that I didn’t many photos so this is really going to test my writing skills)

Once I saw Becca and we had an emotional train station reunion, we decided the best cause of action would be to immediately get food/coffee. We went into the closest place we could find that wasn’t Starbucks and I went for my classic latte and croissant. Gripping stuff, right?


Also, did you know that whipped cream in Dutch is ‘slagroom’? (I definitely took a picture like the immature and uncultured tourist and sent it to the group chat with the caption ‘found where Becca is staying lol’. Peak of banter)


Refuelled and ready to take on Rotterdam, I let Becca show me the sights.

“Here is the bar where the waiters dance on the tables. Here is McDonalds. Here is the club we sometimes go to.” Thanks Bec, I see expat life has made you as cultured as ever.

(I jest. She is actually way more cultural than I am and can handle Europe much better than me)

This hour long stint at the shops had us ready for refreshment again, so we hit up Tea Lab. And let me tell you… (without perpetuating stereotypes) it’s an English girl’s dream. There. Is. So. Much. Tea. (Not to mention the interior is so hipster, I was in love at first sight). If you’re in Rotterdam, hit it up. I’m 100% ready to go back and sample everything on offer. (OMG I almost forgot about the cup of tea I made just as I was writing that PHEW)

The Tea Lab

The Tea Lab

Other sights we hit up on our romp around Rotterdam were the indoor market, that big bridge and the photography museum (I soaked up so much culture, can you tell?)

I really liked the photography museum, although I do wish we’d got the tram there because after walking, like, 5 miles across a windy bridge to get there, we literally fell asleep. At Becca’s. and ate biscuits. When you see posts on instagram and I look like I’m doing something awesome, please just remember this time that I went all the way to Rotterdam on the day of my 21st birthday and I took a nap for most of the afternoon and ate biscuits. I am really. so. lame.

Photography Museum, Rotterdam

All is not lost though: We did get (mildly) dressed up and got pizza at Very Italian Pizza (Whenever I see something like that I’m always like “I’LL BE THE JUDGE OF THAT” because I spent 5 days in Rome and I am obviously now all knowing on the subject of Italian food) and headed to Becca’s local to drank a lot of beer. I loved it because you don’t even order at the bar. It’s amazing. The bartender legitimately comes over to you and brings you your drink. We’re too boozy in the UK for service like that.

20 things I learnt at 20 | Maps of Pangea

Becca and I gettin silly on my birthday

If you’re a sweet tooth like me and don’t know where to start when you’re given a pub that serves over 100 different types of beer, go for Kasteel red. It’s a super tasty cherry beer and the glass even has a little house for the stem, which if you’re simple like me, will keep you entertained.

Kasteel Red

So there we have it. My wild day in Rotterdam. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, but didn’t fall asleep like me…

Birthday in Rotterdam!

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