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Travel Scrapbook: Munich to Prague

So here’s another peak into my travel scrapbook, this time from my trip that took me from Munich to Prague.

Admittedly that was 6 months ago and I only just decided to finish it today (procrastination to the max), but I thought I’d share it anyway seeing as I did with the last few adventures. There’s also a sneak of what was supposed to be my Dublin section, but I actually can’t remember that trip too well. (Was it the Guinness? Probably.)

Anyway, without further ado, here is a messy portrayal of a Bavarian/Bohemian journey.

Travel Scrapbook: Munich to Prague

Real talk, supermarkets when you’re abroad are the best things in the world. When we stepped out of the train station and into Munich, it was pretty much the first stop. Not only an INSANE array of beer, but the food? Yes. Please. I think my childhood Christmases were spent eating chocolate covered chewy German gingerbread (please tell me someone else knows the one), and I revisited that by eating an entire box in the span of 3 days. What’s a holiday without weight gain?

Travel Scrapbook: Munich to Prague

If you’re ever in any big European city, check out Sandemans free walking tours. They are bomb dot com. We also went with them on a day tour to Dachau which was incredibly moving, and did a beer tour which lead us to the beerhall to end all beerhalls, the Augustiner-Keller. Trust me, way better than Hofbrauhaus. (Try everything on the menu, including the huge glasses of house beer.)

Travel Scrapbook: Munich to Prague | Maps of Pangea

If you’re in Munich, I’d recommend going to Neuschwanstein Castle, aka disney castle, aka actual fairytale dream. I need to 100% go back here as we could NOT find the viewing deck (try just getting lost in the woods instead??) and I didn’t get nearly enough photos of this gorgeous slice of Bavaria. It’s easy to get to – just take the train to Fussen, then the bus to the village of Hohenshwangau (try saying that when you’re drunk), which is pretty easy to spot because most of the tourists will be milling around. Once you’re there it’s a short walk to the village where you can buy tickets for the inside or head straight up to the castle.

Travel Scrapbook: Munich to Prague

I’m not a fan of Prague. (Does that sound really first world problems? I’m sorry if it does)

Anyway, it’s undeniably beautiful with a patchwork of multicoloured buildings and Bohemian architecture, but I just didn’t love it. It kind of makes you feel like you’re down the rabbit hole in Wonderland, which can be fun until you’re lost at 2am and it’s raining. However the history of the Czech Republic is super interesting and powerful, so I’d recommend digging into that whilst you’re there.

Travel Scrapbook: Munich to Prague | Maps of Pangea

What’s a trip to Europe without a cheeky beer tour, I hear you ask? Probably the highlight of my time in Prague was meeting an absolutely hysterical tiny Australian man, nicknamed Frank the Legend. Like, he earned that title.

Travel Scrapbook: Munich to Prague | Maps of Pangea

Okay one other thing about Prague is the sheer amount of museums squeezed into one capital. They honest to God have a museum for everything, and although a good few are actually just tourist traps (I swear we saw TWO museums for chocolate?), we really enjoyed the Museum of Communism. (See mum, I did do other things than drink beer)

Pro tip: don’t go into the Apple Museum.

Travel Scrapbook: Munich to Prague | Maps of Pangea

Has anyone else been to Munich or Prague? What’s your favourite (or worst) memory?

So this year of our lord 2016 I started making a scrapbook of all my travels, so I'd have somewhere to stick all my mementos. Take a peak inside! | Maps of Pangea

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