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Our trip to Barcelona [Video]

So yeah, I’m on YouTube now!

I really want to get into film making, documentary, montage-ing (that’s a word right?) and re-visit vlogging, so here we go! Hopefully it’ll be a decided improvement from my poor comedy skills as a 15 year old…

So incase you haven’t heard (like all of my friends who groan every time I start a story with “when I was in Barcelona”) I went to Barcelona with a big group of friends. We had an incredible time! Barcelona is an electric city, yet so chilled. All of the medieval, Roman, modern, and abstract architecture jumbled together through out the city makes it a truly unique place to visit. Oh and the food is great. (5 plates of tapas washed down with sangria every day of my life please)

But anyway, this is my first go at trying out a travel montage video, from all of the GoPro 3+ footage I shot whilst we were over there. I’ve always loved video making so I thought I’d give it another stab… Enjoy!

P.S If you do this remember to bring a spare battery for your camera lest it dies the moment before your friend is told by the bartender to get on the pool table and dance, whilst handing her a free drink for her 21st birthday.

Some of the things you can see here are:

  • Drinking from traditional Spanish wine glasses
  • Pouring traditional Catalan cider
  • Hitting up the beach
  • Going on a walking tour
  • Visiting Park Guell
  • Riding the subway
  • Visiting La Rambla food market
  • Visiting the Aquarium
  • Being given free shots a lot
  • Visiting a lot of bars
  • Going to an Irish bar to watch the England game
  • Watching 3 cuttlefish copulate until death
  • Sangria

If anyone wants to know the exact locations of where any of this stuff is, please leave a comment and i’ll double checkĀ for you! (Lots of follow up posts will happen detailing more of this stuff too!)


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